Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Sean has a new word in his vocabulary and it is my fault.  I bought some Lego car sets at a good deal to let him assemble when he needs something constructive to do.  I explained the other day that they are for when he is "bored".  I knew I was in trouble when he asked what that meant.  Now, the past two mornings, he has been complaining to me just how bored he is.  I haven't caved yet so he is still having to find something else to do. 

At the gymnastics center today, Sierra asked me if I wanted to play "I Spy".  I thought, wow, that is pretty good for a 3 year-old initiating a game like that.  But then she went first and, while looking straight at a mural on the wall, she said, "I spy a monkey hanging from a tree."  Then I learned later that Daddy plays that game with her when he takes her.  Oh well. 

Sometimes after gymnastics we will go to our favorite restaurant.  Unfortunately, due to the flood it is closed.  It was not flooded but it is a small family-owned restaurant so someone close to the owners must have had some flood damage.   The kids have not asked for Burger King since learning it is closed due to flood damage.  I haven't reminded them that we have another one close to us. 

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