Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sean's birthday is today. We celebrated on Sunday by letting him pick out something at Toys R Us and then having cake and ice cream at home. I could not get the video to publish on here so here is the link if you want to watch it.

Sean has been wanting Aquadots ever since he saw a commercial for them a few months ago. So that is what he picked out without any hesitation. Much to my surprise, it works like the commercials show on tv. He has made a hot air balloon and a girl so far. See the pictures.

I have two complaints. One is that there are not 500 dots in the set as it says. Also, it says it is for ages 4 and up. After some practice, Sean is able to drop the dots in the tray to make the pictures but most four year olds probably cannot do that. Loading the dispenser from the small plastic pouches of tiny dots is not something for a 4-year old either. Sean loves this and asks often to get it out. So I guess my review ultimately is a thumbs almost up.

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