Saturday, October 07, 2006

Since Sierra recently turned two, I thought would give a little update about her.

Sierra is a busy girl trying to keep up with Callie and Sean. She is quickly becoming independent. No more putting her in the carseat in the van. As soon as the door opens she immediately starts chanting "Climb! Climb!" and will have a fit if you try to put her into the van. She wants to climb into the van and then up into her seat.

She loves to sing while riding in the van and if the radio is on, she will request "music". She loves the kids song CDs that we have. One of her favorites is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She also likes to sing the "ABC song" too. But she pretty much knows all the songs and will sing along.

She has recently started attending the 2-year old class at Bible Study Fellowship and is enjoying it. She loves Elmo and knows all of the main Sesame Street characters by name. She also enjoys playing on the computer.

Sierra can count to 13, sometimes 14. She speaks in complete sentences and most of those begin with "I want..." or "I do..". She is very polite most of the time. Such as "I do it please!". She loves to pretend play taking turns but isn't always as interested in doing so when it's something she doesn't want to share. She is shy around strangers though and will begin whispering when around others.

She loves to dress up in play clothes and enjoys new clothes. She loves to try on new clothes. She will ask me to put her hair in a pony tail or pig tails and waits patiently while I do that. As they say, she is "all girl".

I hope you enjoy this update.

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