Monday, April 10, 2006

Hi all. It's been a while since I've posted. Time flies even when you're not having fun.
I had hernia repair surgery on the 3rd and spent one night in the hospital. It was much more painful than I had psyched myself up for, but I am over the worst of it now. I am feeling better everyday. We've been blessed by cards, food, thoughts and prayers.
I am trying to get plenty of rest so that I do not have a relapse of the mono that I've had which I found out about shortly before surgery. My doctor thinks I may have had that since November but had a relapse from not getting enough rest. My mom is staying here when Jeff is working because I cannot lift over 5 lbs for a while. A gallon of milk weighs 8 lbs. I can drive though, thank goodness.

The kids are doing well except for what appears to be spring allergies. They are doing okay with mamaw "ma" being here. Sean understands that mommy's tummy hurts from where the doctor fixed it, but Sierra doesn't quite understand why I do not pick her up.

Callie is still having practices for the ice show. They will be performing the weekend of Apr. 21-23. They will do the show 4 times so it will be a busy weekend. Jeff will be busy working that week and that Saturday for inventory. She is looking forward to seeing her outfit. The outfits are all handmade by a woman who does them every year. There are over 140 skaters performing this year, from toddlers to adults with varying skill levels. This is Callie's 3rd year to be in the show but she took last year off from skating.

Sean and Sierra were playing in a laundry basket earlier. Here is a pic of them.

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