Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring? Spring arrives today but we are expecting what they are saying might be the worst snow of the season tomorrow. Keep in mind, this would be like our only 2nd real snow since winter began. Callie is on spring break and enjoyed some time outside with the neighbor kids yesterday. Imagine the look on her face when I told her it is supposed to snow. She has a couple of friends who went south to Florida for the week. I said that at least maybe she'll get to wear her snowboots one more time. :) Sean has only worn his once this year. Unfortunately, he is coming down with a nasty cold... sneezing and hacking cough all over the place. He and I have been up since 6:15am today. Callie and Sierra are sleeping in.

I am still sleep deprived following a 2-day trip to Illinois for a Hearts-At-Home Conference with some ladies from church. It was a great conference and I feel closer to God and much more equipped to be a better mom and wife. Over 6,400 women attended the conference at Illinois State University. I am looking forward to going back next year if I can.

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