Monday, November 07, 2005

Fall photo shoot.... we enjoyed some very nice weather on Saturday and I took some pics of the kids. We were a little behind on 1-year pics for Sierra and 3-year pics for Sean and we skipped school pics for Callie this year since they are overpriced and you have to buy before you see them. I think hers turned out great.

Sean wasn't too thrilled about sitting still for his - can you tell? He used to be such a ham for the camera but now I have to shoot him on the run to get anything. If we try to get him to pose, he looks everywhere but at the camera.

Sierra loves being outside and just loves the slide as you can see. Enjoy!

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Hillari Cameron said...

I can not believe how big Calie has gotten. She is becomming quite the young lady!

Hope you all have a very Happy Holidays!

The two little one's are adorable!